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Biggs Air Force Base


Elmer R. Fields
95th Bombardment Wing
810th Installation Squadron

A special request from former Air Force member, Elmer Fields, who was an Airman 3rd Class stationed at Biggs Air Force Base Texas as a firefighter in the early 50’s. (more…)

Engineering Battalion


Howard B. Barefoot
62nd Engineering Maintenance Battalion
554th Engineering Battalion

Howard’s remarks: (more…)

21st Troop Carrier Squadron


Eustace C. Griffin, Jr.
Far East Air Forces
315th Air Division (Combat Cargo)
21st Troop Carrier Squadron

Korean War veteran, Eustace Griffin, was awarded 2 Air Medals for the many missions flown within the theater, but never received them. His wife was presented his awards. (more…)

Korea Defense Service Medal


Ronald J. Rabin
1st Cavalry Division

Ron Rabin served in South Korea with the 1st CAV making him eligible for award of the Korea Defense Service Medal. Ron also served 2 tours in Vietnam, first with the 25th Infantry Division and then with the 4th Infantry Division. (more…)

B-17 Ball Turret Gunner


Charles S. Brudo
8th Air Force
91st Bombardment Group
324th Bombardment Squadron

Charles Brudo served in WWII as a B-17 ball turret gunner. He was captured after bailing out of a crippled airplane and never received the Prisoner of War Medal. (more…)

Mason General Hospital


Wilbur W. Gilchrist
Mason General Hospital

Wilber Gilchrist served in the Medical Corps at Mason General Hospital during WWII. Veteran’s family wanted the awards he earned while in service. (more…)

Berlin Brigade



Rodney C. Howell
6th Infantry Regiment
Company M

Korean War era veteran, Rodney Howell, served in Berlin with the 6th Infantry Regiment, the “Berlin Brigade”. He never received the awards he earned. His awards were researched and presented. (more…)

Green Ramp-Heroism

Green ramp1

John J. Lemire
James R. Callahan
Vincent J. Colvin
Wallace Spikes, Jr.
23d Maintenance Squadron
Air Combat Command

Four Air Force veterans receive overdue recognition for their heroic actions during a catastrophic aircraft accident at Pope Air Force Base’s Green Ramp. They were awarded the Airman’s Medal 19 years after the incident. (more…)

120th Infantry-Shaw


Colin Campbell Shaw
30th Division
120th Infantry
Headquarters Company

Colin Campbell Shaw was born on February 2, 1889 to Gilbert and Sarah Clark Shaw in the Anderson Creek section of Harnett County, North Carolina.  Colin was the 8th of 9 children.  (more…)

120th Infantry-Fitzgerald


Walter C. Fitzgerald
30th Division
120th Infantry
Company L

Walter Fitzgerald of Madison County NC served with the American Expeditionary Forces in France from May 17, 1918 to Jan 19, 1919. His son believed his father was wounded during WWI and it was verified that Walter was wounded on August 30th 1918. (more…)