Mason General Hospital


Wilbur W. Gilchrist
Mason General Hospital

Wilber Gilchrist served in the Medical Corps at Mason General Hospital during WWII. Veteran’s family wanted the awards he earned while in service.

Mason was a psychiatric hospital run by the United States War Department on Long Island during World War II. The hospital operated between 1944 and 1946, and was used for treating the psychological casualties of the battlefield as well as for other related uses.

Because of the lack of adequate facilities and of sufficient trained personnel and large treatment programs in many general hospitals, WD Circular No. 12, issued on 10 June 1944, authorized the establishment of psychiatric treatment centers at Mason, Bushnell, and Valley Forge General Hospitals, in addition to the one already at Darnall General Hospital. Psychotic prisoners of war were sent to Mason General Hospital, as provided by WD Circular No. 214, 15 September 1943.

Wilbur Gilchrist awards include the American Campaign Medal and the WWII Victory Medal.


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